Everyone can use some peace of mind!

 Surveillance cameras act as a visible deterrent to criminals, while also allowing you to record events at home or monitor staff at work. A picture is worth more than a thousand words and now they are more affordable than ever. Let us show you how to profit from the surveillance channel.

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Voice Over IP High-quality phone service anywhere you have Internet access. Traditional PBX phones systems are expensive, bulky and have limited customization options. The good news is DOW has a solution! Interested in adding revenue to your bottom line or upgrading your phone system? Call DOW to find out more about RingCentral and their cloud based VoIP system.

Geographic borders are no longer in the way of doing business.
With RingCentral® Global Office™, employees located anywhere in the world can all be on the same secure communications network, accessing the same robust business features from a single business phone system. You’re now able to provide a consistent voice, messaging, and collaboration experience across your workforce to increase productivity while reducing your IT overhead.

Streamline multi-location office management.
A single administration portal simplifies maintenance and gives you full control to remotely manage users, new lines, and extensions for all of your office locations, even international ones.
Consolidated billing means one clear and convenient service bill each month, no matter how many locations you have.
Immediately eliminate international calling charges among extensions.
Reduce IT overhead and redundant expenses in regional offices.
Eliminate on-premise PBX hardware maintenance and costly visits from specialist technicians—your entire global phone service is supported from the cloud.
One connected system keeps your workforce more productive. Remove the barriers created by using disparate legacy systems in each office location.

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